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Thule T Track Adapters

T Track Bolts for Mounting Carriers

T-Track Adapters allow for easy mounting of many Thule accessories onto roof bars that feature a T-Track slot.

A 20mm x 20mm T-Track slot can be found on Thule WingBar, AeroBar, SlideBar & ProBar for easy accessory mounting.

Other brands of roof bars may also feature a T-Track slot with different dimensions and T-Track adapters may be available to allow you to fit Thule accessories to these bars.

20mm T-Track

Thule T-Track Adapter 697-1

20mm T-Track adapter kit to replace 80mm U bolt clamps used on Karrite & Thule Ocean roof boxes

20mm T-Track

Thule T-Track Adapter 697-4

20mm Thule T-track Adapter Kit for replacing the Thule Fast-Grip and Power-Grip roof box clamp system on the Thule Touring, Atlantis, Pacific, Spirit & Excellence roof boxes

20mm T-Track

Thule T-Track Adapter 697-6

20mm T-Track adapter to replace the Power Grip roof box mounting system. Compatible with Force XT, Motion XT, Vector roof boxes and some older models.

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Thule 881 T Track Adapter

T-Track adapter kit to allow the Hull A Port 835-1 and Hull A Port 837 to fit onto T Track bars


Thule T-Track Adapter 882

A T-track Adapter for all Thule Aluminium bars - EVO WingBag, WingBar, AeroBar, SlideBar and ProBar. Fits 20mm x 20mm T-track.


Thule T-Track Adapter 889-1

Thule T Track Adapter 889-1 for 30x23mm for BMW & Mercedes T Track bars which have a 25mm T Track.


Thule T-Track Adapter 696-1

Roof Box U-Bolt Clamp Upgrade for 24mm T Track


Thule T-Track Adapter 889-3

Adapter for mounting Thule FreeRide, FastRide, TopRide & OutRide onto 25mm T-Slot bars often found on BMW & Renault roof bars


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