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Transporting Skis in Thule Roof Boxes

Roof Boxes for Skis

Most Popular Roof Boxes for Transporting Skis

These roof boxes are suitable for transporting Skis inside the box, for maximum safety and to protect your skis we recommend using a Thule ski adapter with your roof box.

Roof Box Model Max Ski Length Number of Skis Number of Snow Boards Ski Carrier Adapter
Force XT L 175cm 5-7 Pairs 3-5 694-8
Force XT XL 195cm 5-7 Pairs 3-5 694-8
Force XT Alpine 215cm 3-5 Pairs 3-4 694-7
Motion XT M 155cm 4-6 Pairs 3-4 694-8
Motion XT Sport 175cm 3-5 Pairs 3-4 694-6
Motion XT L 180cm 5-7 Pairs 3-5 694-8
Motion XT XL 200cm 5-7 Pairs 3-5 694-9
Motion XT XXL 215cm 5-7 Pairs 3-5 694-9
Motion XT Alpine 215cm 5-7 Pairs 3-5 694-9
Vector M 185cm 3-5 Pairs 3-4 N/A
Vector L 205cm 4-6 Pairs 3-5 N/A
Vector Alpine 200cm 4-6 Pairs 3-5 N/A
500 Litres

Thule Force XT - XL

The Thule Force XT XL Roof Box is the biggest in the Force XT range of boxes. Ideal for larger families needing to carry everything, perfect for larger cars. 

450 Litres

Thule Force XT - Large

A Large roof box perfect for carrying bigger loads thanks to its full width, being quick & easy to install allows this box to be ideal for family holidays as well as daily use.

420 Litres

Thule Force XT - Alpine

This longer, narrow, low profile roof box has been designed for carrying Alpine sports equipment such as skis and snowboards, looking both sleek and stylish the Force XT Alpine is the perfect snow sports roof box.  

360 Litres

Thule Vector - M

Thules' most premium mid sized roof box that offers the best in styling, performance and features.

430 Litres

Thule Vector - L

A large sized premium roof box with top level features such as a protective felt-lining and internal LED box light as well as superb styling, this roof box adds to the look of any vehicle.

380 Litres

Thule Vector - Alpine

A top spec premium level roof box designed specifically with alpine snow sports in mind, featuring a felt-line interior and LED box light this box add styling and practicality.

400 Litres

Thule Motion 3 - XL Low

An extra large roof box with a low profile aerodynamic design that offers better fuel efficiency,a perfect box for skis or snowboards.

450 Litres

Thule Motion 3 - XXL Low

An extra large low profile box with an aerodynamic modern design ensuring a fuel-efficient ride, perfect for carrying snowsports gear like Skis & Snowboards.


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